Have a say. Weigh in. Write your own digital billboard. Then share it with the world. (Or just your friends)

Explore creations by fellow creators and express your thoughts freely without geographical barriers. Don’t shy away about your thoughts about poetry, politics or life.

World’s Biggest Digital Canvas

Give yourself creative wings and let the words flow to be discovered by your friends, colleagues or the general public.

Create your own digital billboard inspired by Patrick Mimran’s Billboard project with Aphos. Aphos gives you the power to shake the world with your poetic verses, humorous words and creativity.

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Other Features

  • RelatedFacilitates viewers to see other similar billboards
  • LikeEarn likes from followers on each of your post
  • CommentAllow fans to share feedback by posting
  • FontsApply your favorite text style & color to create
  • Quote BackgroundUpload backgrounds to express your beliefs
  • Send E-mailFans can share your posts with their friends via email
  • SharingShare your amazing billboards on social media

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