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Bitter experience? Life getting you down? Share your feelings on BitterWorld and feel Better!

BitterWorld Features

Need to vent? With BitterWorld you can share your frustrations & disappointments about an experience, product, or service. Download the app and start relaxing today.

Create Post

Upload a video, image, or audio file about what went wrong.

Ratings and Reviews

Rate your reaction from 1-5. The more bitter you are the more crossbones you add.

Map Based Listing

See the locations of the latest posts in your feed and filter to see those near you.

Discover a BitterWorld

BitterWorld empowers you to share your life’s let downs with others, be it bad food, rude service, or just a tough day at work so that you can start to feel better. And when you feel better, you can make the world better!

Additional Features

Edit photos, make new friends, and learn from others experiences.

Photo Filters

Apply filters to your photos before sharing.

Suggested Friends

Connect with new friends through messages and comments.

Advanced Search

Search through posts near you, by category, date, and type to discover problems similar to yours!

Add Your Reactions

Add emotion stickers to your post to emphasize your feelings.

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