Collecting digital art, music and crypto just got easier with NFT Marketplace

Marketplace Features

  • Setting Up The Wallet

    Click the “Connect Wallet” button to follow simple instructions. Install wallet extensions on the browser.
  • Creating NFTs

    Choose options to create single or multiple NFTs, fill in the details, and click on the “Create NFT” button to mine it.
  • Listing NFTs

    Officially list the freshly minted NFTs on the marketplace by clicking the “Sell” button. Market it for visibility!
  • Earning Royalties On NFTs

    Define a royalty fee on every NFT, so the creator enjoys making money off it for life when it sells.

Mint next-gen collectibles

Why not create easily tradable, programmable, scarce digital collectibles that tell a meaningful story on NFTON?

Connecting The Wallet

An NFT wallet supports the blockchain protocol that NFTs are built on. NFTON allows integrating with some of the top NFT wallets globally, including Metamask, AlphaWallet, Math Wallet, and Coinbase. Download the wallet browser extension or scan the QR code to get started! It is that simple.
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