Staying healthy is not a goal,
it’s a way of living.

App Features

  • Animated Exercise Videos
    Simple yet fun filled and mood boosting animated videos to stay fit and reduce stress.
  • Customized Playback
    Define personalized exercise regime as per your convenience and work breaks.
  • Subscription
    Subscribe exclusive workout videos for relaxation of different body parts as per needs.
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
    Access to physical and mental fitness is available on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows.

Take Charge of your Health

Take a breath, stretch out & stay healthy with guided exercise videos

  • Shuffle
  • Opacity
  • Play/Pause
  • Fullscreen
  • Volume Control

Playback Features

  • 1 Categories

    Choose an exercise for head, neck, eye, shoulder or any other body part.

  • 2 Routine

    Set up an ideal workout routine according to time available and type of stretching workout you wish to subscribe.

  • 3 Play Video in

    Choose how you wish to see videos, in a random fashion, in a sequence or a custom schedule as you please.

  • 1 Playback Days

    Set your workout days to let the app remind you of workout sessions.

  • 2 Active Hours

    Punch in your active desk hours to let the app decide an appropriate workout schedule according to your routine.

  • 3 Play Video Every

    Automate the video play feature by setting up a fixed interval at which you want the videos to be played automatically.

  • 1 Notification Sound

    Select an interesting notification ringtone or sound according to your choice.

  • 2 Play Notification

    Choose when you wish to be reminded. The app will remind you with a notification before video plays.

  • 3 Snooze Duration

    Choose how long you want the app to remain silent when you hit the snooze button.

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